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About us

Passionate about interiors, and with a deep love of design, RLI’s mission is to inspire people to enhance their lives by creating spaces that are comfortable, functional and stylish. 


The primary goal is to help you truly love the home you’re in.


Having lived and breathed interior design for many years, RLI’s passion is in creating and transforming spaces that demand an exceptional eye for detail. They thrive on challenges that scare many others away. 


When you work with RLI, you’ll be guided by professionals with knowledge and skills gained through years of hands on experience and formal qualifications. 


“We promise that the choices we make together, will transform your home, and give you the confidence to live comfortably and stylishly, your way.“ 


Maximising space, enhancing features, and creating the look you love in functional harmony, is the RLI mantra.

“I just want to say how much I love my new home, thanks to all of you. I don’t think you can comprehend how appreciative I am with what you have done for me. It has made a difficult event in life so much better.”
S. Campbell. (Full letter available on request)

Our approach

Our multi-sensory approach ensures we cater to all the senses.
We unlock the true personality of the space and capture your imagination.

In-house consultation

Phase 1

  • The initial in-house consultation is all about you. 

  • We listen to your frustrations, needs, wants and dreams, enabling us to prepare a comprehensive design brief.

Design specifications and cost estimates

Phase 3

  • Product specifications and cost estimates are presented.

  • Any changes/additions required are noted and actioned.

  • A timeframe for completion is nominated.

Design proposal presentation

Phase 2

  • We present a tailored design proposal with a range of recommendations. 

  • Your approval to move forward is required at this stage.

Delivery and installation

Phase 4

  • Execution - RLI orders the chosen products, facilitates delivery and recommends trades, if required. 

  • Installation - RLI arranges and rearranges furniture and accessories until the new look exceeds your expectations.

Our clients experience a journey where creativity and functionality evolve in perfect harmony. 

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Downsizing and Apartment Living


When you think through your priorities, moving from a large home to a smaller footprint can be an exciting transition. RLI’s intelligent design method starts with a well-planned layout, often followed by creative use of colour, flexible furniture, accessories and clever storage solutions to enhance the proportions and maximise space, regardless of the overall proportions. 


It’s not about the space you have, it’s about how to use it to its best advantage.  Selecting the right furniture is paramount for apartment living and can make all the difference as to how you feel and function in these spaces.  Simply changing the aspect of the furniture within a space could make all the difference.  Showcasing memorabilia and treasured items that mean something to you can go a long way to creating the sense of home that you may have missed since selling the family home.


When designing smaller spaces, quality outweighs quantity every time.


Stuck in a Rut


Do you feel as though you’re stuck in a home that has everything you need but nothing you really love anymore? Does it lack cohesion and style? Is the space being used to it’s best advantage? And what about Grandmas old chair - can it be showcased in a way that is highly functional as well as being aesthetically pleasing.


With years of experience to guide them, the RLI design team will see potential almost immediately upon entering your home. It could be as simple as changing the aspect of existing furniture, adding some unique pieces, changing the colour scheme or bringing in elements that completely transform your home. One thing is for certain, RLI will make a difference.


New House, New Inspiration 


Whether you’re moving into a pre-loved home or a brand new residence, styling to suit the layout and your lifestyle, will set you up to live well.  You may think you need all new furniture when in fact we can work with a lot of what you may already have.  Innovative and unique concepts evoke emotion and transform how you live in, and interact with your home. 


Getting the look and feel right at the beginning, will save on impulse purchases down the track.


Curated Air BnB’s and Long-Term Rentals 

Making a great first impression is more than a good idea, it’s absolutely essential in the fiercely competitive holiday and long term rental markets.


When you engage RLI to add style that’s guaranteed to WoW your guests, your property will also stand out from the crowd, and you will almost certainly enjoy a meaningful return on investment.


Whether it’s as simple as adding some simple additions such as floor rugs, table lamps, plants or new artwork; or even a complete new makeover, the RLI design team have the skills and styling strategies to turn mediocre interiors into magnificent spaces.  We know the furniture and accessories that need to last the distance in the Airb&b environment and how to practically use them to ensure longevity for a high turnover.

“We are absolutely delighted with our new homely home. Our son keeps twirling and saying: “it doesn’t feel like our house”!  Resounding success. Thank you for creating a home that feels like me and mine — yet I could never have achieved the outcome.
S. Garran. (Full letter available on request)
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Furniture and accessories

RLI source products from suppliers across Australia, spending time by invitation, in-store, testing comfort and quality before making recommendations. Many of the suggested products are not available locally. The relationships developed with wholesalers allow RLI to offer the best prices available. 


Should clients prefer furniture and accessories from non-partner retailers, RLI happily support this decision, and continue to offer their professional eye. Similarly, if clients have existing cherished items they wish to keep, RLI will work with these items and source/suggest complementary items where necessary.

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Pricing guide

Initial Consultation $385 (inc GST) 

Two interior design professionals will spend a minimum of two hours in your home discussing your transformation needs and desires.


Ongoing Fee-For-Service Hourly Rate $140.00 (inc GST) per designer 

This includes travelling to wholesale suppliers in various states to personally view and test products and accessories. We look for quality, suitability, and value for money.

”Thank you so much, we are absolutely loving our home!  It feels so different, so homely and relaxing.”
E & E – Dunlop
Relaxed Living Interiors gift card

Gift cards

RLI Gift cards are perfect for any special occasion and are particularly suitable for engagements, commitment ceremonies, weddings, housewarming celebrations, or just because you want to give a gift that’s beyond valuable.


To kick start a unique and fabulously creative journey, our gift cards start at $385 (GST inclusive) to cover a comprehensive in-house consultation, with two qualified Interior Designers. 


Or, nominate any other amount you’re comfortable with.

Interior Design
”The designers at Relaxed Living Interiors were much more concerned with finding out what we wanted, than talking about themselves, that impressed us. They are so respectful and professional; we love what they did and we would never work with any other interior designers.”
P&W Deakin


”You have to understand that my husband has the same level of emotion as Doc Martin in the BBC TV series. So for him to actually be really happy was awesome!! And then: Wow. And then: Wow. And then: Wow. He kept on shaking his head in disbelief and kept saying TRANSFORMATIONAL!”
M. Palmerston. (Full letter available on request)
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Beautiful living room
Relaxing and functional room

If your garden could do with a professional eye, click on our partner site — Relaxed Living Landscapes, and let the INSIDE OUT ADVENTURE begin.

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