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Relaxed Living Landscapes
Relaxed Living Interiors

The Story Behind
Relaxed Living Landscapes & Interiors

Having honed their skills individually in various horticultural fields after completing their studies, Brett and Tara Connell decided to take the plunge and create their own business within the industry they loved. With a combined passion for the environment and creating outdoor spaces, Relaxed Living Landscapes (RLL) began.


Tara’s brother Kieran Carson, a professional arborist, joined RLL at the outset, adding a valuable dimension to the team. Arborists are often referred to as tree doctors, such is their depth of knowledge. 


As a highly valued team member, Kieran is the go-to source, for all tree-related issues. He also relishes his role sharing his skills and knowledge with two young apprentices, inspiring them every day, as they embark on their professional journey. 


As experts in all things gardening and landscaping related, there’s nothing RLL can’t handle.


The popularity of the family run enterprise, ignited Tara’s passion for all things creative, motivating her to study not only horticulture, but interior design where her intrinsic skills came alive. Her long-held dream of creating an all-encompassing ‘living design’ business was realised. 


A clear positive that came out of Covid, was the expansion of RLL to incorporate Relaxed Living Interiors (RLI) blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. 


RLL and RLI promote a shift in our thinking. Rather than seeing inside the home and the garden as two separate spaces, this creative design collaboration advocates planning indoor and outdoor spaces in unison. Improving the feel and functionality of our living environments — inside and out - creates a sense of wellbeing. 


By reconsidering landscaping and interior design, fresh air living rooms are created as an extension to, rather than separate from, indoor spaces. RLL and RLI are the culmination of years of hands-on experience and formal study. The combined disciplines allow harmonious integration of indoor and outdoor spaces.

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“Simplicity is the
ultimate form of sophistication”

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